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About elevator/fifty/one

A Journey over 18 years in the making, unbounded patent pending & data encryption technology , are just a few areas of our core focus.

Leon Zackoski
If you're struggling to secure,migrate or store large volumes of applications data let elevator/fifty/one assist. Also need your infrastructure or application assessed? How quickly can you acquire resources to virtualize/containerize your platform? Engage with EFO. Your solution is waiting.
Technology is our passion, which is why we are developing new techniques and improving how the IT landscape evolves, enterprise or otherwise. Whether Enterprise or small client data-is-data we can assist in reducing your IT overhead.


Leon is consistently in the lab stirring up a new methods and pioneering unique, otherwise physically impossible technologies that are "game-changing" , thanks to his partners Chuck Winters and Justin Herman he is kept in line:).

Leon Zackoski

Well Hello There!

Patrick is our in-house web developer and technology advocate. Always a perfectionist.

Patrick McKowen
Web Developer/Tech

Whats Up!

A Developer focused on Oracle, Redhat, Cloud positioning and then some. bringing tremendous value to EFO.

Alex Siegle


A brand for a company is like a reputation for a person. You earn reputation by trying to do hard things well.

Jeff Bezos
Currently we support a varied list of application development types. Web or Mobile? From iOS, Android or any mobile platform to Web app. Native or Hybrid to Cloud Ready. Including Oracle,Java,Python,Angular,Node.js,Ruby and then some.
When mission critical application(s) are relied upon it is important to have resilient application structure. Applications are an integral part of any business decision and so is the team and technology behind you. Efficient, Clean-Code, and expedited development cycle is a necessity for any project.

You can’t just ask customers what they want. By the time you get it built, they'll want something new.

Steve Jobs
At elevator/fifty/one we have put a large amount of time into research into data science along with pattern behavior, tokenizing, hebbian recognition. We have used these insights to create and extract knowledge from both structured and unstructered data.
We also apply the field of science to visualizing and interpreting large data sets, further quantifying the rise of "big data" and the challenge presented with security, ethics, and data privacy.

Never fall in love with an idea. They’re bad. If the one you’re with isn’t doing the job, there’s always another.

Chip Kidd
When it comes to voluminous amounts of data in modern computing EFO has developed machine agnostic, algorithmic A.I functions that negates the need for traditional "compression" techniques to reduce data volume. In a environment burdened with apps,digitized-data,text,audio, and video ; data is data and it has grown too large.
A majority of existing methods of reducing data has grown stale. We encroach 8k resolutions, larger database infrastructure, more web streaming of video and audio. No matter the method data is traveling the internet at increasing paces. We're ideally positioned to bring these technologies together with proprietary "data reduction".

All that is valuable in human society depends upon the opportunity for development accorded the individual.

Albert Einstein
Encryption is even more so a need in todays IT world, bank security ,internet transaction or simply keeping the web secure. Traditional encryption is still vulnerable, man in the middle attacks, spoofs, etc. Data is not private. AES, two-factor, ciphers, etc shared vs non shared, DES even blockchain.
Leave behind p2p or "ledger" encrytion containing randomized data,forget key-store and encryption hashes with a salt and store mechanism. Simply infeasible for IoT and large enterprise. E51 provides "patent-pending" technology to securely encrypt information easily and effectively. Not to mention in-vulnerable to unethical breaches. Un-hackable

I believe that if you show people the problems and you show them the solution they will be forced to act.

Bill Gates
Virtualization, Containerization,Cloud Platform in todays IT infrastructure have become increasingly important to enterprise operations. This attrition along with increasing user demand contributes to large scale data storage needs for successful enterprise operation.
When it comes to SAN or Data center need , we can provide data warehousing needs from large to small. With multiple layered network fabric and data center locations encompassing our technology allows us to deliver an unrivaled SECURE platform to store your data no matter the content.

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Why Choose Elevator/Fifty/One?

Innovative Technology

We love the time-tested data software tools that make up our heritage, however we always believe that the best solutions have yet to be discovered so we never stop investigating much less creating architectures and patterns that are faster smaller (reduced), secure and more reliable than anything we've seen.

Stellar Datacenters

Elevator/Fifty/One maintains several of its own staffed datacenters to ensure maximum speed, availabilty and redundancy. Trust us to secure and reduce your cost and bandwith utilization.


No matter your location EFO can meet your demands. Though we are situted on the East Coast are tech empowerment reaches far and wide. From Seatlle to Miami.

Top Floor Innovation

EFO is not driven simply to make a dollar,technology is our passion at our heart and will not rest until we all "elevate technology to the top floor". Primariily why we continually create unique, patentable software/hardware/algorithms to empower the IT industry.

Educational Initiative

EFO has partnered with CreateWV to form a cyclic, self-sustaining system of training and employment to meet the needs of a state striving for an innovation-based economy. Being based in West Virginai we aim to

Modern Enterprise

If your looking to modernize infrastructure you need to be sure you have software/hardware will stand the test of time? While being secure like no other. Put your company into orbit with EFO.

What our parners say

We first encountered Elevator/Fifty/One a REDHAT Linux meetup they graciously volunteered to host. Since then, we have been great partners in the race to bring innovation to West Virginia.
Top floor, please!

Corey Zinn, Create West Virginia.

What our partners say

Mr. Zackoski and his company have been superb to deal with in assisting with our cloud development and software migration efforts. Thanks!

Philip Perry, CSS Software.

Selected to develop HCWV

We have been selected to develop HCWV's new site design and framework. Thanks!


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Chuck Winters | April 10th 2018
A brief view of our development branch office. Located in Charleston, W.Va. we will soon be expanding our development office , also adding additional staffing towards June 2018.
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Future Projects
Leon Zackoski | May 17th 2018
Soon "Project Hummingbird" will enter development which will merge PaaS, and SaaS stacks providing a framework for secure , reduced enterprise CI/CD. (Continuous Integration/Delivery). Also our transform algorithm will be integrated with our Buffalo,NY DataCenter.
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Create West Virginia
CreateWV | May 5th 2018
Inspiring innovation and technology creation through startups in West Virginia
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